The free consultation was way more than I would’ve asked  for. It was so helpful, so informative I think I got paid services for free just by doing the free consultation. I have sought help other places and none have helped as much. I am looking forward to her paid services. Ty again and again

Spencer Oterry

As a busy business owner time management and organization are everything.  I wear so many hats it was truly a blessing to take one off and place it in capable hands.  Denise came right in, pulled up her sleeves and got busy. She helped me get organized and made suggestions for process improvements which we have incorporated into our daily practices.  I truly appreciated the efficient and high quality service I received.  I would highly recommend Denise to busy business owners such as myself who could use a helping hand.

Lynette S.

The motto is, “if you don’t look good, Maverick 6 doesn’t look good.” Maverick 6 provides professional, far-reaching, forward planning business services to take any business to their next level of success. No matter what size your business, Maverick 6 can help you take your business from good to GREAT! Call today, you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of services and expertise.

Gwendolyn McKnuckles

Ms. Garrison and I discussed marketing strategies for my business future. We established that I should delegate some tasks to others so that I could focus on the operations end of my business.

She will assist in planning events to further promote my brand by use of specific advertising tools such as social media and printed materials as I develop my targeted audience.

Trust the process and let her help to point your business towards the stars.