meet maverick six

Maverick Six is with you every step of your businesses’ journey from its inception to early development by helping you implement your ideas and make them a reality! We help businesses create efficient plans that maximize assets, minimize liabilities, and boost profits.


Customer Experience/Engagement

We help you develop the strategies needed to build a sustainable competitive advantage that differentiates you in the market and drives profitable customer behaviors.

Brand Development

A strategic plan will be created to discuss design concepts for promotional material such logos, business cards, social media content, etc. Consultant/Client will also discussions how plan will be implemented.

Strategic Planning 

We will help organizations improve their performance through the analysis of their existing business problems and develop plans for improvement.

Customer Service Training

We will develop a comprehensive customer service training program that engage employees and focus on improving communication, listening, problem-solving and organizational skills. This training will add value to your company and drive sales.

Performance Management 

We will provide advisory assistance on all aspects of your business to improve manageability and efficiency.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) 

We will develop a strategic plan to provide business owners with the tools to effectively manage all the elements of their logistics process such suppliers, inventory, products, customers and perform an analysis of existing relationships and explore new opportunities.